About Us

Main Product: Zinc Alloy Die Casting Production- Plumbing parts

Business Type: Manufacturer

Market: Whole World, Mainly on Bathroom DIY, Bathroom Repair, After-Market, and Replacement parts market

Approvals/ Certifications: ISO 9001: 2015(CNS 12681:2016)

We, Alexander Yeh Industry Co., Ltd., specialized in zinc alloy die casting production for plumbing parts since 1985 including zinc handles, showerheads, Universal Tub Spout, face plates, drains, metal flange, escutcheons, tank levers and etc., in cooperation with professional plastic parts and hardware suppliers.

Our most recommended Bath spouts and Diverter spouts are CSA certified.

Under our quality control system, we had set up various product tests such as Salt Spray Test, Leakage, Life Cycle test and etc., we had also included spectrometer as the inspection equipment.

Our employees are trained and attended lectures regularly, not only for working skills improvement, but wishing to bring them a helpful and meaningful working environment.

Aside from our product collection, we highly welcome OEM and ODM orders. We believe with our experience, we can do client’s products better.

Organizational vision, mission, core values → strategy

Vision: A global standard for zinc alloy sanitary ware and kitchenware manufacturing.

Mission: With people as foundation, honesty and trust comes first. Superior quality, with everyone's involvement, continuous improvement, to be good and get even better, satisfy the clients, and serve the community.

Core Values: Good quality, On-time delivery, Best service.