Manufacturing Process

  1. Pre-heat the Furnace and check the molds to be use
  2. Die Casting: Automatic feeding system delivers the melt materials to die casting machine.
  3. Punching: Before take burrs off from product by hydraulic press machine, our staff should check their outlook first.
  4. Second outlook and structure checking: Make sure both the outlook and structure are fine.
  5. Outsourcing process: Machining vibration, polishing, plating such as chrome, ORB, Satin Nickel and etc.
  6. Assembly and packaging: Check the products again online, record all the unqualified product' s issue, then assembly the products and package them according to customer' s request.

We standardized the operation flow of each product we made because we care how customer feels, and we are always eager to to serve our customer better.