Zinc Die Casting Next Revolution
Alexander Yeh Since 1974

We Can Do Client’s Products Better

Zinc die casting production is the fastest way from molten metal to products' mass production. And it is widely found in daily life applications, from stationaries to automobile hardware. With more than 36 years experiences in zinc die castingproduction, we believe we are capable committed to customer satisfaction.

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Our Visions
  • Integrity

    For Alexander Yeh, integrity is the essential concept: telling customers the truth; being honest with employees, building mutual trust with business partners.

  • Innovation

    We seek full innovation, covering production, sales, people, development, wealth, exploitation, management and information, innovation is not just a dream, but it also demands unity and execution to achieved.

  • Quality

    Quality is the guarantee to clients. Each staff member is the quality inspector and responsible for their team; doing the best job possible, reviewing and resolving the abnormally in time and implementing corrective and preventive action, to pursue and sustain high client satisfaction.

Environmental Policy
Quality Product

Do not produce products that are harmful to the human body, so that consumers can use it with confidence.

Environment Education

Implement environment education and training programs for all employees, so that all employees understand materials recycling, energy savings and carbon reduction, cherish resources and sustain natural environment for the next generation.

Prevent Pollution

Prevent pollution and reduce public health and environmental risks vigorously.

Employee Development

TTQS (Taiwan Talent Quality System) is the basis for implementing education and training, and talent practice is the basis for sustainable business management.