Since 1974
Alexander Yeh Industry has been committed to producing high-quality zinc alloy die-castings. Our product line includes various types of showerheads, tub spouts, metal flange, clicker drain, tank lever and trim kits, as well as a wide selection of branded faucet handles replacement parts, providing customers with diversified choices.
Quality control is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we perform various types of product testing, such as salt spray testing, leak testing, and lifecycle testing, to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. Our quality assurance measures aim to ensure that our customers receive the best quality products. In addition to our existing product line, we welcome OEM and ODM orders. Our professional team can provide customers with one-stop production solutions, from product design to manufacturing, packaging, and transportation. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services and working with them to achieve mutual success.
Zinc Die Castin
Zinc Die Casting
Our Principles
We prioritize strict quality control, timely delivery, and professional service, with a continual focus on improvement as we strive to become the premier Zinc die casting manufacturer worldwide.
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Our Visions
Quality is our commitment to our clients. As such, we hold each and every staff member accountable as a quality inspector, responsible for their team's deliverables. By striving to do their best, reviewing and resolving any abnormalities in a timely manner, and implementing effective corrective and preventive actions, we are committed to achieving and maintaining high levels of client satisfaction.
We believe that integrity is the cornerstone of our business philosophy.
This means always telling the truth to customers, being transparent and honest with employees, and building strong, trustworthy relationships with business partners.
Dedicated to driving innovation across all facets of our operations, spanning production,
sales, human resources, development, wealth management, and information technology. We
recognize that innovation is not merely an abstract goal, but rather a tangible objective that demands unity and disciplined execution to be attained.
Responding to customer needs, developing innovative products and enhancing quality levels.
To boost demand and add value to our products across industries.
Committed to upholding core technologies and prioritize customer satisfaction.
Our Goal
TimeLine >>>
Expanded to include copper, aluminum alloy, and zinc alloy materials in production and perform in-house machine assembly.
Export die-cast bathroom handles.
He Zhi Corporation was established to provide packaging services for HCG, specializing in copper faucet handles and weaving shuttles.
We changed our company name to Yuan Feng Hardware Die Casting Factory and expanded our product line to include ceiling fan parts.
Our company name has officially changed to Alexander Yeh Industry Co., Ltd. and we have shifted our focus to zinc die-casting production.
Our tub spouts and drains have been certified by CSA.
We have started the process of applying for a product patent, marking our first patent application.
Expanded to a new factory building.
Exported self- assembly die casting machine to Indonesia.
history year
history year
TimeLine >>>
Moved to current location, an expanded factory building.
Most productive year, we submitted patent applications for a record 35 products.
Tub spouts and drains have been approved by CEC.
We have obtained the ISO9001:2015 certification.
We implemented a professional employee training program with consultant guidance.
We arranged skill improvement and mindset courses for our employees.
Passed BV's audits in CSR and C-TPAT.
Get Participated in the Taiwan Training Quality System
Awarded the Bronze certification for the Enterprise version of the Taiwan Training Quality System.
TimeLine >>>
Implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
Passed QSA, RESA, and C-TPAT audits conducted by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Began implementing green policies.
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