Develop and improve the products according to market trends and customers’ needs and apply for the patents.
Research and Development Process
Research and Development Process
We possess the necessary skills, experience, and resources to offer customized OEM/ODM solutions and ensure successful integration. Our team evaluates each project and selects the most appropriate facility based on the desired quantities and target prices. We collaborate with our partners by providing full project management services, reporting on progress, and identifying and addressing any issues that may arise.
Restoration to CAD (Computer-Aided Design) requires a 3D model.
Create the drawing.
Conduct production process analysis and functional testing.
Confirm the sample drawing with the customer.
Create and test the sample.
Send the sample to the customer for confirmation and approval.
Molds making
Commence formal production.
We collaborate with individuals and companies at all stages of the design and manufacturing process
Our highly focused effort is aimed at bringing industry-level products and services to you, from concept to finish. We offer OEM/ODM products and customized services to accommodate our customers' diverse requirements.